We are two days out of Honolulu after a very fast and efficient loading plus provisioning the ship.

New port regulations do not allow the crew to sleep on board and limiting our cargo acceptance for a smaller window then we are accustomed to, so there was a  need for a faster turnaround .  We were happy for the fact that “Honolulu Sailors Home” run by Marty has both the capacity and acceptance to accommodate our crew and the expanded dock crew that organized the cargo in the time that was given to them. The ship left on schedule on the 20th after noon and hope to reach Christmas island on the 28th of this month.

in the last two days we enjoyed a good east north east breeze that gave us perfect sailing conditions but hard rain today followed by wind drop gave the need to start the iron jib to keep up with are costumers demands.

Also I feel like I have to mention Brad Ives effort and sacrifice, it is very obvious that he is the one to carry the business on his shoulders but he was the one that had to make sure that the port demands were answered in full and managed the cargo deliveries to the dock and that, only after spending a very short time at home coming back from a three month trip.

As was mentioned in the last blog, that the ship had to load ballast in Fanning. This was the natural coral rounded rocks that surround the island ocean sides. This proved to be efficient for his purpose, increasing the weight on the bow making it more rigid against head winds  The rocks were quarantined by Customs and Fisheries and Wild Fife Agents in Honolulu.  The issue was not so much on the claim of imported coral rock but the concern was the island erosions that is happening in Kiribati Islands because rising sea level that are believed to be caused by global warming.  We are very happy for the US officials doing their jobs.  I don’t know how much effect a couple tons of rock have on the whole island but the fact that these thing are being monitors by the US Government is a good sign.

At the request of the officer we loaded to rocks back on board and they are on their way back to Fanning Island.

The only hypocrisy in this story which is no fault of any one in specific, is the common belief among most steady institutes that global warming and rising sea levels which eroding the Kiribati and other island are caused by CO2 emission into the atmosphere. As Americans who are consider to be the biggest contributor  to C02 emissions we have the Kwai as American based operation that not only give service to places others will not go it also use renewable energy (wind) which cut considerably on carbon emmission.

Last trip we had a scholar from a German university that was trying to determine how much fuel we actually save with sails.  His result indicated more than 50 present which is better than Toyota Prius.  His work will be published in our website with his premission and if there is any curiosity among the blog readers.

We are true believer in the EPA and sea conservations.  Those things matter to us and we are investing in are crew education about ocean pollution on the islands, we would like to do better like anybody else that see this matter as important issue for future generations.

But we are a green business that should be credited for exactly what it is and not neglected for ungrounded assumptions.

Captain Evy