Don’t Forget the Dalai Lama’s Rice

I became captain of the Kwai two weeks ago.  Command of the worlds largest sail auxiliary cargo ship, one of the most interesting maritime jobs in the world.

Whenever I am in charge of a boat,  I wake once or many times during the night. I check that every thing is okay.  Little noises will wake me up or I will just double check that the anchor has not dragged.  This leads me to many.
restless sleeps and some interesting dreams.

This leads me to another tendency I have. When I work at sea, I tend to have have sleeping dreams where I am still working.  This started when I was 20 years old fishing salmon.  After working 16 hour days, I would dream that I was still fishing.  In one reoccurring dream I was sleeping on deck while lines were running over me.  When I did long night watches on Canadian coast guard ships, I would dream that I was sleeping naked on the chart table during my watch.  On the Kwai I have had cargo dreams, such as drowning in boxes of noodles, but no dreams as weird and whimsical as the one I had last night.

The Kwai has a great a varied Library and our crew includes some very avid readers.  I happened to pick up Our Land Our People, a biography and story of Tibet by the Dalai Lama.  In my dream V47 had another stop, Lhasa. I was half asleep struggling to sort and separate the Dalai Lama’s rice for Tibet.  I had received an inaccurate cargo manifest and it was hard to differentiate Tibet rice from Tabuaeran and Teraina rice.  It was of utmost importance that the Dalai Lama received his rice because the occupying Chinese army was starving the Tibetan people.  I was having a very hard time in my dazed state also wanting to make sure my Kiribati friends recieve the rice they ordered.

Awake now I am happy that we only have two destinations on this outer Islands trip,  Tabuaeran and Teraina.  We are sailing with a few squalls and will get to Tabuaeran this afternoon.

Captain Carson
1330 Jan 20, 2019 Kiribati Time