You would think that this route would get boring.  Same islands again and again.  In the last 12 months we have seen Fanning 24 times and Washington 10.  To me it is never boring.  The customers may be much the same but that is part of the fun to see them back for more with hopeful smiles that we have not forgotten their special orders.  The weather can be fine or challenging.  Today Teraina is aglow in sunshine reflecting off the spray as the lingering south swell peaks up against an off shore trade wind.  Work is slowed as the boats wait outside for a chance to run the pass between close out sets.  And the tiny hole in the reef is alive with whirlpools and eddies as the ocean flowing over the reef on each side seeks the quickest way back out – through the pass.  Watching the boat drivers and stevedores handling their work is a fine spectator sport.  The light trade wind holds the ship in a comfortable depth, not too shallow to feel the ocean waves peaking up and not too deep to drag the anchor off the coral edge.  Only the paperwork may be boring, the scene itself, with an old sailing ship working her cargo in,  and copra coming out, on a fine exciting day shows us again how ocean and commerce can at times work in a magical balance and we aboard can only enjoy.

Aloha and tiabo moa,
Cap’t Brad