23rd of September 2015, Christmas Eve

The return trip from Malden Island to Christmas was swift because of a steady ENE breeze. As we approached the jetty the wind died and we found hardly any swell. This situation stayed the same during our three day stay. As we arrived on Sunday we had the rest of the day off and many of the crew went on shore to share time with the family.

On Monday we started discharging the 100 ton of copra that we brought from Fanning and Washington two weeks ago. At the end of the day I looked inside an empty hold and the ship started behaving like a floating cork so it was time to put some cargo in her belly. On Tuesday we finished loading all designated cargo for our two last ports of call in Kiribati before running back to Honolulu.

Wednesday was spent preparing the ship for departure. One of the people on the passenger list is a radio reporter from Hawaii. She will be doing a report on our operation during our last run on the Line Islands.