28th of September heading North

We arrived in Fanning island just before nightfall and we only started working cargo the next day. By then the island was covered in rain clouds that prevented us from working at our normal pace. Our agent Tyrone had set up a portable shelter on shore to keep the luggage and cargo dry. Our stay was extended with one day because Evy respected the ancient tradition not to set sail on a Friday. The rain had prevented us from leaving more early anyway.

In the evenings our crew was invited to Bruno’s house where we treated to local delicacies and interesting company. We brought frozen eggs to bake a cake for the occasion of the birthday celebration of Bruno’s four year old daughter Agnes.

On Saturday afternoon we set sail to Washington island where we arrived the next morning. Local conditions couldn’t be better. Unlike the rain and swell that we usually find in Washington this time all was calm. Our agent Johnny had three tenders ready to start taking the passengers ashore. Lots of  luggage and consigned cargo was discharged. Within a few hours the hold was empty.

I was sent ashore to repair a pool table that we had sold to a customer on a previous voyage. It turned out to be the pool table in one of the few kava bars on the island and the owner was very happy to see me. After I showed him how to dismantle the table I went back to the ship to supply the owner with materials to do the repair himself. I would gladly have helped out with the job but time was running out. On the Kwai the Blue Peter was being hoisted.

The same day around four o’clock we lifted the port side anchor and set sail for Honolulu. A distance of 999,9nm according to our GPS. We hope to arrive on the 3rd of October (USA time).