5th of December 2018, Crossing “The Line”

On board the Kwai we love tradition, and the ceremony around crossing the Equator is always a welcome break in the long haul between Christmas Island and Penrhyn, our next port of call.

After lunch, King Neptune (Bengineer) stepped on board, dressed in baggy pants, seal-flippers, Kiribati cloak, hood and crown (Oxen Palm box). Assisted by his faithful soldiers: Tetaake (lieutenant), Ieie and Burangke (street cops), the accused were assembled. Besides the two passengers (Kiribati pearl divers), we found four Pollywogs on board. They were tied and gagged with parcel-tape and brought to be tried on the cargo hatch.

After a long monologue of the Emperor of the Seven Seas, one after the other pollywog was accused of his crimes.
Nimo was accused of being too short and too quiet. Poor Kirata, the baby on board, was found too pretty for his own good. Carson had hair on his chin and chest, but not on his head. And finally young Ben was renamed Moimoto (young coconut), because we already have an old coconut on board.

All the victims were baptized in galley-water and “jonassed” against the pontoons of the inflatable Rhib. Every one of them withstood this true sailor’s punishment, so they were absolved of their crimes and crowned with the title “Shellback”. Only time will turn these fine sailors into salts.