25th of Januari 2018, Hawai’i-ho

This morning around 0800am the wind suddenly died, indicating that we entered the lee of Big Island Hawai’i. It’s amazing that this island casts its shadow more than 200nm to leeward. Thus far we have been very fortunate to find not too rough a sea and steady prevailing winds that kept us pretty much on track the whole leg from Fanning Island to Hawai’i, making good headway with speeds upto 10,5knots, under sail only.

So we dropped all sails and are now motoring towards Kewalo Harbor where we will arrive early morning Friday the 26th. Because the hold is empty, apart from 7.5 tons of ballast, the Kwai is steaming on with a lazy 7,6 second roll.

The temperature dropped considerably over the last few days, and, although it is wintertime in the Northern Hemisphere, we still don’t need blankets in our bunks. All that we did was turn off the fans down below. The majority of the imatang crew, however, is preparing themselves for colder conditions when we sign off and fly home this weekend. I need to do some last minute shopping because I don’t even own a pair of socks to wear for my trip to the Netherlands.

From the point of safety, this trip has been a successful one. There have been no technical issues more serious than a broken taillight (in this case, the red above green navigation lights). Also on a personal level we’ve been fortunate. Apart from some bruises, only once I needed to staple a wounded finger back together. Another medical issue arose two days ago when old salty Teibitoa showed me a swelling on his leg. After a cold and hot footbath, the next day the infection erupted and I found myself draining a cup of yellow fluid (to put it nicely). This resulted in instant relief for the patient, who had been troubled by the leg for a considerable amount of time.

After 74 days on the high seas, our provisions are depleted from nice food items like olives, baking powder, fresh fruit and garlic. We’re also craving for oatmeal, peanut butter and whole wheat flour. Thanks to the constant chain of fresh caught fishes, every meal is now based upon rice and fish. “Oh no, not fresh sashimi AGAIN!!!”.