The Equinox!

Today we celebrate the fact that nights will become shorter giving us more time to enjoy the sunlight and the beautiful ocean that surrounds us. Weather has been exceptionally good and the waves look magnificent as they reach up to the bridges wings. Sitting on the aft deck there is no horizon to be seen, only the slow motion of the flanks of big rollers passing by. It’s like the ship is winding up and downs the slopes of liquid mountains.

Breakfast, lunch and dinner have become important moments in this perpetual life on the high seas and we are fortunate to have found three crew members willing to take the challenge of cooking meals. Chloe, Brad and me volunteered to take turns in the galley. Today we had to bow down to the master of the ship being the master of the galley too. Brad is an awesome cook. For lunch he managed to bake perfect whole wheat bread (I mean PERFECT), fresh sashimi and Mahi Mahi from the oven that made the Kiribati go ape! We needed this success because I suspect our Kiribati crew to plan a mutiny as we ran out of white rice two days ago. Oh My Gaod! I wonder if one of them starts to appreciate brown rice and quinoa that we are serving now.

The atmosphere on board is great. The crew on watch is joking a lot (while being very seriously dedicated to the task of maintaining safety of navigation of course). Artful pictures are drawn and Poetry is written while on the wheel. This morning I found the following scribblings on Post-It stickers:

“Kwai, the ship whose crew has Super Powers:”


Can plot a course with a Sharpie marker pen and it is always correct.


Has a compass tattoo on his chest that normally points to the magnetic North.


Has actually sold sand in the Sahara and Ice to Eskimos.


Cooks Minute Rice in 57 seconds flat!


Fish like him so much, they actually stick to his body.


Manages to fix engines using pink nail polish and gets away with it.

This was just an example to illustrate the state of mind on board while surrounded by nothing but ocean for only six days. Can you imagine how we will end up when we enter the harbor of Honolulu on Monday evening…