14th of October 2016, Update

At the end of the coming week, the Kwai is planned to leave for Suva harbor where the ship will go on the dry. So the entire party is working frantically to finish the jobs that we started when we arrived in Fiji three weeks ago.

The welding team, consisting of Shoni, Tebitoa and Banu, finished the construction of the frame for the new deck a few days ago. In their wake Kabiriera moved in to cover the bare steel in five coats of paint. After that Teitera, Beni and Burangki started laying the wooden deck down. The result is amazing. Our vessel now has a true upper deck on the aft section, called the “Aloha Deck”.

Ethan is now focusing on the construction of the new mizzen mast. Shortly after morning muster we used our own cargo boom to put the second section of the mast in place. The stick is growing. 

All the while during this construction process, there are details added to the original design of the ship. While a lot of drawings have been made over the last years, now is the time to really work out the finer details of the construction. Where to run wires, how to attach the rigging and in what way to install all the galley equipment.

Ah, the galley… this is a project on its own. There is hardly anything left of the original galley. The roof and one of the bulkheads were cut out to create a spacious cooking and mess-area. In the moment the space is empty and the walls are bare. After the paint work has been done (she is gonna be PURPLE!) I will be the last one in the line of workers, installing systems for gas, water, signals and electrical power. 

With only one week to go, we have quite a few challenges still in front of us.