Sailing vessel ROSALIE CLARE is underway on her first voyage with the mission to do charitable work on the Kiribati Line islands, 1200 nautical miles south of Hawaii. 

One year ago, Bengineer (long standing Kwai family) and his I-matang wife Ari started a nonprofit organization called Sea StewardShip, with the intention of assisting the people of the Line Islands to prepare for the inevitable transition on hand. 

Within the next generation many people will have to leave their low lying home islands because of rising sea levels.  

Sea StewardShip will bring tools and organize workshops to build resilience and teach skills, so that the island people can migrate in dignity.

Sea StewardShip is organizing a fundraiser on April 7 at Heritage Hall in Maui. Come enjoy live music from local artists and taste delicious vegetarian food. Antique and rare African tribal art is for sale to fund the expedition. 

For more information: www.seastewardship.com