Some twenty-nine miles off the coast of Christmas Island we encountered a second vessel on our way since leaving Honolulu and again we were on a perfect collision course. We were running downwind motor sailing on starboard tack and belayed our course thirty degrees to starboard until we cleared the vessel that was involved in fishing.

 On Monday morning the 1st of March we anchored off the jetty using our brand new starboard anchor. The M.V. Quinghe was alongside the jetty loading copra so we could not start the discharge of our cargo until the next morning. We spend the rest of the day receiving local authorities and setting up the cargo gear.

 At night I went home to install the equipment for a movie theater. The next day I invited family for a trial to watch “Red Dog” while eating ice cream. Needless to say the night was a great success.

 Because the Quinghe had to use the jetty for bunkering fuel it took us three days to get all our deck and hold cargo off. On Friday morning 6th we started loading a handful of passengers for the trip to Fanning.

 Casting off the lines from the jetty was taken very literally by our crew and the stevedores on shore. One of the mooring lines was dropped in the water and sank to the bottom on a depth of 10 meters. Brad asked me to go and get it so I tied a heaving line to my belt and dove down. At the first try I managed to salvage our dear mooring line.

 In Fanning we got all of our cargo off in one day and Brad offered us a day off on Sunday. I spent a wonderful time roaming around the village of Antena, meeting a lot of friendly locals and visiting our dear friend Bruno.

On Sunday afternoon we loaded the council boat and picked up our remaining passengers for the trip to Washington Island where we arrived the next morning.