24th of March 2015, Honolulu harbor

So here we are, back in Honolulu: the melting pot of Haves and Wannabees. Our dear friend Jack has been living amongst the homeless for a while and found what I already deduced from personal observation. Most of these people chose not to live in a house because this is the perfect place for doing it. The climate is wonderful and tourists are generous. I pity their Brothers of Fate in Paris, sleeping in the shivering cold on riversides of the Seine.

After arrival in port we received officials of Agriculture and Immigration before opening our well deserved docking beers. Soon after that the Kiribati crew went into town to do the obligatory shopping (“the freighter plane for Christmas Island leaves tomorrow”). The next day communication with the crew was made impossible by brand new earplugs connected to brand new Ipods.

At muster this morning Brad reserved some space to draw the outlines of our new surroundings. This is American soil so Homeland Security is in charge and security is controlled and maintained by the protocol of MarSec. Maritime Security level number One has been activated after the happenings of 9/11. This entails that all our crew members need to carry a MarSec card next to their personal Twic card and question anybody unknown who wants to enter the ship. Any questions from officials should be answered as follows: “I will inform the captain”. Managing assaults and terrorist attacks have never been more easy or effective.

In the moment we are preparing the ship for the refit. Evy and Ethan will be in charge of all the work involved in modifying the bridge. First the old bridge will be cut off and put on shore. After the modification it will be put back in place. This morning Brad made the project sound easy which I can assure you is not. As usual time is an issue and we want all the systems connected to the bridge to work correctly by the time we hope to set sail the middle of May.