Arrival at Majuro Lagoon Sept 17 2020 

Important Arrival Officials from Marshall Islands and KWAI crew.

Director WAM, Mr. Alson Kelen

in the back: Member Maritime Working Group, Mr. Joseph Bigler

in the back, tourquise shirt: Minsiter of Iternal Affairs, Mr. Jemie Nashion

in the front: Member MISC Board, Ms. Juli ??

in the back: Minister of Justice, Mr. Kessai Note

In the front: Minsiter of Education, Kitlang Kabua with Daughter



With the orange cap: Minsiter of Transport: Donald F. Capelle

with Blue Shirt: HE David Kabua

With green Shirt: Irojlaplap Mike Kaba

White Shirt in the back: Minister of Health, Billi Billimon

in the front with blue shirt: Minister of Foreign Affairs: Carsten Nemra