Mauri, Kia Orana and Aloha.

KWAI is currently in Christmas Island, Kiribati. They arrived from Hawaii on Sunday April 22 (US date) after a good crossing from Honolulu.  There were a few problems with the newly installed freezer as noted in the earlier post from first Mate Inna, but Captain Brad and Engineer Charles managed with shore assistance from Captain Evy, to get it all fixed up. Gotta love sailors!
The best news is that cargo remained frozen throughout the 3 days of problems and the majority of it has been safely offloaded to the customers in Christmas Island. This is a new service to deliver frozen food that we are all very excited about. If you are interested in shipping frozen cargo please contact the KWAI office for our shipping rates at
So after all the Hawaii cargo destined for Christmas Island was offloaded using the shore crane and cargo nets, they are now loading over 300 cubic meters of cargo destined for the outer Islands of Kiribati. There is more cargo wanting to go but due to stability concerns of the ship, Captain Brad made the decision to make another trip to Christmas Island later on to get the additional cargo. When asked what the cargo was, he said it is mainly rice. There are  also 30+ Kiribati passengers signed up to go on the ship to Fanning and Washington Island as well. They may be leaving for Fanning Island as soon as tomorrow (Friday April 27, US date).

Other news is that Brad’s daughter Willow flew in to sail on KWAI while they deliver cargo to the three Islands in Kiribati for the next 2 weeks. They have not sailed together since she was a very young child having grown up on Brad’s previous world voyaging cargo ship, Edna. I believe Willow got off Edna when she was 8 years old.  Also on board is Jack Risser who is part owner of the KWAI and old time friend and sailing buddy first with Brad when they were both young men and then later with me as we sailed on various adventures in the world together. Interesting to note is that Jack was one of Edna’s crew that was Willows teacher. And now they are all sailing together again! What a wonderful thing! Here is part of Brad’s email to me telling me of his first day with Willow on board:
She (Willow)  and I prepared the new dory, adding the oars and oarlocks and she took Anene out on her maiden voyage. (Anene is the name of our new dory and the name means “dancer” in Kiribati- April)  She has been swimming with a manta ray in the morning and walking on the lagoon side of Chrismas Island this afternoon. Last night was a big welcome party organized by Banuera. Dancers were hired and we had a big feast potluck. Haku leis were shared (these are flower leis that are worn around the head- April). It was truly a Kiribati style welcome with a short chant in Kiribati starting off the celebration. Of course our crew sang and danced into the night as they love to do, even after a long hard day of cargo work. It was a beautiful event with everyone so happy to welcome Willow.
Also arriving from Honolulu on the same flight as Willow are the journalist Luraline McGregor and a professional photographer PJ Huntly from the award winning Hawaiian Airlines magazine who are writting a story about us! They will be traveling onboard the KWAI  through Kiribati and on to the Cook Islands. We are so honored to have been asked by Hana Hou magazine for a feature article about the ship and our operation.
Ok, so that’s the news of the hour. Thank you for visiting our website and more stories soon!

Aloha, Tiabo moa and Koraba
April- Mama KWAI