This is Mama KWAI writting to you today. I do sincerely apologize for not having maintained the KWAI website with any news this past voyage # 44.
I really do have an excuse I think you will accept though and that is our house and office was inundated by Lava on the big Island of Hawaii.
Brad was gone to sea and I had 20 timed minutes to get out of our house. I grabbed our two cats and stuffed them into a box, grabbed some important papers, the computer, the KWAI computer, my cell phone and a few clothes that were on my drying line as I ran out of the house as the Civil defense people waiting exactly 20 minutes to escort me out.
Things have been rather chaotic since then. We lost our house and property including our dear flock of chickens that I could not rescue, beautiful fruit orchard and ponds, gardens, greenhouse….. everything.
2 weeks later. Wendy (Kwai office Manager) and Cheryl also had to evacuate their homes and have had to find alternative albeit temporary housing.
Fast forward to several weeks later, we have managed to rent a house and office, no small feat given that there are about 2000 people who are displaced by the volcanic eruption in our small area of Puna on the Big Island of hawaii. We are now set up with a small but functional Kwai office and although still in shock and tremendous sadness at our own personal loss as well as so many of our friends, we are managing.

Brad will be writing a blog that will deal with more about KWAI, for you very soon.
Stay tuned for more updates and thank you all for your support during a very hard time for us.

Aloha from Mama KWAI