9th of October 2014, Honolulu harbor

The Kwai is safely docked at Pier 31 in Honolulu harbor and the crew is currently working on maintenance and repair jobs. A few days ago a new crew member arrived. Brannan is his name and he will be taking over the engineering part from me as I will be leaving the Kwai to go to Europe to do an additional nautical training.

On my list of engine room chores there were some important jobs to do regarding main engine, steering system and anchor/cargo winch. You could say these are most important systems on board. Today we were “towing the dock” which means that we ran our main engine full throttle in gear while still tied to the shore. Our Detroit diesel engine must have felt like running uphill in this process. The test run was a success because we found one of the cylinders overheating. This matter that has still to be addressed before we leave the shore on the 23rd of this month.

Carpenter Gabe is in the process of finishing two new cabins that were built last time we were in Honolulu. The cabins now have actual doors so the crew can shut themselves off from the next door engine room noise.

Teitera and Tebitoa have set-up a workshop to make parts that will be used for the refit of the ship. Today they finished making the railing for the planned aft-deck.

Tetaake, Kabiriera and Tanawai are making a lot of noise while chipping, needle-gunning and painting the deck and maintaining the rigging.

Banuera has been promoted to cargo-handler and he is a valuable help to our Kwai office people: April, Wendy and Maire (the partner of our former cook Dave).

Our office on shore is steadily receiving cargo. This coming Wednesday we will start to load the ship. There seems to be still space available, so have your orders placed now.