7th September 2016, Niuatopotapu Island (Tonga)

This is the island  that I never seen  before, or been on either,but this time, I would like to give a great big special thanks to Papa Kwai  for his decision that gives everyone a great chance to visit this island. Thanks Captain Brad.

On Wednesday morning, 7th day of September ,everyone were filled with joy when they saw a beautiful island appeared on the horizon. Did you know what is this island is? This is  not from the Cooks islands or Kiribati islands either, this is one of  the island of Tonga. This island is Niuatoputabu island with more than eight hundreds people lives on. It is a Polynesian group and ruled by the Tongan Government including the king. This is known as a monarch system.    

On the same day we passed through the passage to the lagoon where we get alongside the wharf,from this moment everyone wondering what they could see or get from this place. But this time no one was allowed to go ashore until the boarding officers allow us to go. About an hour later the boarding officers came aboard and starts working with the captain. Everyone were sat down quietly on the aft deck awaiting for the captain’s plan. Soon the captain turn back to his crew with the smile on his face. This smile means OK, and then he told everyone what should they do for the whole day. The first order is to sell out kwai store stuff to those who need to buy what we had, and that’s what we did.      

At 1:30 pm after lunch,  everyone got what they buy from Kwai store and it seems like we’re going to have a great times for touring the island, this is the second plan from the captain. Me and other crew were taking a break and then walked ashore for touring.

This island has three villages and one airstrip on the west. There were not so many coconut trees on it.

As we walk around we can saw a lots of plantation around the village with some strange trees we never seen before, these trees were cotton tree, kava and bamboo. These are the trees that we don’t have it in our country.

Trees that they planted are tapioca, banana, corn, pawpaw, kava, Pandanus, taro, yam and breadfruit. These are the trees that they depend on  from selling them to the market to get money.

Beside this,we saw  horses, sheep, pigs and goats around the island. These are livestock.

We spent almost three hours walking around the village and then back to the ship to prepare everything before leaving. Just before we leave, we meet a lot of people from this island. They are very nice people, they were friendly.   

At five 5 o’clock in the afternoon we left Niuatoputapu island and straight ahead to Fiji, the island where the kwai should takes a couples of months for big project.

Burangki from Christmas Island