While processing our cargo in Christmas Island, and preparing the ship for going South, a unforeseen charter came up. Young and eager passengers needed transport to Fanning Island, for the occasion of the annual Inter Island Soccer Competition.

So, after lunch we started loading this special group of people: elders, council members, the minister and dozens of sportive boys and girls. After various people made speeches to the young competitors the microphone was handed to Tetaake for the obligatory ship safety instructions. The performance was a success because of the demonstrations given by our Mate Michael.

The breeze was stiffening, the sea was building, and soon enough we were doing 9,5 knots under sail alone. Passengers started to roll around on their sleeping mats. Boys on the Aloha deck, girls on the Hatch, and elders up forward, on, what was called ‘the Elder deck’ for the occasion.

It happened to be Super Cargo Inna’s birthday, and after dinner a beautiful cake was presented by cook Tokaniman. She confessed that, because of the lack of frosting on board, she used mayonnaise for the Birthday Wish, and cut-up gumballs for flowery decoration. Very creative (and easy to scrape off).

After the boarding party cleared our ship in Fanning, the restless passengers were transferred to the shore and we started organizing the hold to create space for picking up copra on our next destination: Washington Island. That’s where we are going to pick up another 50-odd youth for the soccer competition in Fanning. Hoping to arrive in the early morning on the 19th.